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Chen Hanwei

Tan Hung Wee (born 29 August 1969), better known by his Chinese stage name Chen Hanwei (Chinese: 陈汉玮), is a Malaysian actor based in Singapore.

As the King of Channel 8, he is slated to be one of singapore’s most popular and handsome celebrity.

He has been acting since 1988 to present and have won numerous awards :


1) Star Awards 2001, 2005, 2009, 2010, 2017 & 2019 :
2)  Best Actor
3) Star Awards 2014 :
4) All-Time Favourite Artiste & Star Awards for YES 933 Best Speech
5) Star Awards 2015 & 2018:
6) Best Supporting Actor

Recently, he celebrates his record breaking sixth star awards best actor win

He is a very filial son to his parents in johor bahru and plans the holiday single handily and spents up to SGD 30k each time.

Lastly here some interesting facts that you may not know about him:

  1. He has a sweet tooth. He used to bake and loves to be surrounded by sweets
  2. Has won best actor 4 times. An amazing feat in itself
  3. He plays pranks by pulling his zipper down

You can find the link here to his Instagram 


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